Responding to Lust, Confronting Shame: A Better Narrative for How The Church Talks About Sex

Sadly, Christian leaders are still falling prey to lust and the Church is drawn into their anguish. Some, like Tullian Tchividjian—grandson of famed Billy Graham, and pastor at former D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church—are like rising stars that seem to fall abruptly out of the sky. Others might be featured less prominently in […]

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Seven Lessons from the Magi

Today marks the end of Christmas and we celebrate Epiphany. Epiphaneia (greek) literally means manifestation. In today’s language, “epiphany” is used to express a sudden realization or breakthrough in thinking. Epiphany also commemorates the visit of the magi (plural form of magus or magician), or commonly called “three kings,” who visited Jesus after his birth. […]

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Merry Messy Christmas

Merry Messy Christmas! For the last four weeks our family coached a small group through Advent. We read Scripture and prayed regularly. We also ate a common meal each Sunday night. What have we learned now that it is Christmas? Christmas is for the messy. Living closer to one another, we observed… tired moms and […]

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Advent, Abraham, and Refugees

Advent For Advent (the weeks leading up to Christmas), our family always reads a selection of Bible stories from the beginning of the Old Testament up to the birth of Jesus. One passage is always difficult—The near child sacrifice of Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac. I mean… what a terrible story. How are you supposed […]

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Happy Hopeful Halloween

Beyond the silly costumes, haunted houses and trick-or-treating… Halloween is mysteriously about hope. I have a curious relationship with Halloween. Trick-or-treating was a part of my childhood, but not my children’s because it was not really celebrated in France (where 3 or 4 of our children were born and spent their early years). When we […]

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