The Speck in the President’s Eye

Last week many Christians were offended when the president, at the National Prayer Breakfast, compared Muslim violence to historic Christian violence, namely the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Jim Crow laws. Many pointed out the connection (or disconnection) between core Christian commitments and actions, ergo violence done in the name of Christianity can hardly be considered […]

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Hunger for God and Mission

I will never forget that cold winter Saturday in 2006. I got up early to attend a quarterly district meeting of Free Will Baptists in Northeastern Ohio.  I wasn’t expecting much.  Conference meetings were generally poorly attended and unexciting.  Even more, a late night storm had left a thick blanket of snow on the roadways.  […]

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Ash Wednesday Meditation

The following was written for a Lenten Reader (a devotional for the season of Lent, which precedes Easter). Ash Wednesday – John 1:1-34 Logo. Investors know the power of a company “logo” to communicate brand identity to the masses.   A bright yellow “M” on the skyline, or the silhouette of an apple on a smart […]

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Reading Scripture Like Music

I’ve always been a frustrated musician. I can play by guitar by ear and even carry a tune. I love music, but I can’t read sheet music beyond a few notes at a time. Recently, I sat in the back of a noisy school music room. Three of my children joined about a dozen other […]

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Saint-Patrick’s day excerpt

It is easy to miss the larger context of St. Partrick today.  During the early Middle Ages, the the Roman world was  in decline in continental Europe, but Celtic Christianity and spirituality were growing .  Celtic Christianity was marked by a belief that God was very near, that the spiritual world was very real, and […]

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